BlockfooD srl was founded at the end of 1999.
Why BlockfooD? What does BlockfooD mean?
It is the result of the initiative of a group of people with experience at various levels and in different sectors of the food process plant engineering industry to join forces in the task of manufacturing innovative plant and machinery for the food industry. Direct contact with a carefully selected clientele allows to know the specific problems to be solved. The solution to each problem and each objective has, as its starting point, an idea, an image, a sketch, a design.
Sketch, design, from the English "to block in" >> Food: hence the name: BlockfooD
To build good technologically leading plants and equipment, with particular attention to product quality, it is vital to have experience, knowledge and organisation as well as a constantly-evolving production program. But even this is not enough! Other important ingredients, such as commitment and enthusiasm, are an absolute must.
In order to achieve its pre-set objectives, BlockfooD srl, relies on the technical skill and the personal resources of each and every one of its collaborators, right through from design to construction. It has the advantage of a slim, versatile and dynamic structure, able to fulfil the most varied and specific requirements of food process plant engineering industry.
BlockfooD's head office