The " Easy Cube" Dicing Machine (patented model), designed and manufactured by BlockfooD Srl can produce diced tomatoes and vegetables in general.

With this project Blockfood proposes to make a machine that can satisfy large production capacities combining operating simplicity with rapid size change.
Increasingly more often the production of companies interested in this type of machine must satisfy, during the production period, requests for different products with different cube sizes.

That's why the BlockfooD "Easy Cube" Dicing Machine was created.

In fact, thanks to an automatic system, Easy Cube can change the required cube cutting size in a short time.
The machine, made with the classic rotary system with 3 cutting stations, has a rotor, fed by a hopper, that brings the tomatoes to the first blade by centrifugal force.

The First Cutting Station determines the thickness of the cube to be obtained. This blade, arranged tangentially to the rotor walls, intercepts the product and takes portions of preset size from it. The blade is integral with a system that allows it to be adjusted to change the slice thickness, according to particular requirements.

The Second Cutting Station determines the width of the cube to be obtained, cutting into strips the portions of product sliced in the first station. This station is characterized by three blade-holding shafts, each with a fixed cutting size, for example 10, 15 and 20 mm, linked to a turntable. This turntable is shaped so that it brings only one blade-holding shaft into the cutting position leaving the remaining supports inactive.

The Third Cutting Station determines the length of the cube to be obtained, cutting the strips formed in the second station into cubes/parallelepipeds. This station is characterized by a star rotor fitted with blades arranged on the edge of the star, rotating at a preset, previously adjusted, speed. This star rotor makes the cut varying the size of the cubes by varying its rotation speed.

The machine can be set up to have the Second cutting station equipped with only one cutting size on all the blade-holding shafts, so that companies requiring only one cutting size are spared annoying and costly production down-time in the event of machine breakages caused by foreign bodies. In this case all that needs to be done to restore the machine's operativeness is to bring another blade-holding shaft into the cutting position.
Electric control switchboard, equipped with 11.3" STN colour touchÐscreen Video terminal, with intuitive graphics, for system management, containing graphic supervision pages, alarm control and variable parameters.
Fully automated size change system through the electric switchboard.
Internal Dicing Machine washing system made to operate with a 30-litre pump at 60 to 80 atm.

-Operating capacity
30 ton/h
-Electric power
25 Kw
1000 mm
1885 mm
1345 mm
1250 Kg