Continuous belt oven designed to satisfy a variety of cooking requirements, suitable for grilling products such as meat, fish and vegetables.
Consisting of a monobloc, it is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel so that wet and salty products can also be processed.


  • Stainless steel transport net.
  • Powered by adjustable speed motor.
  • 4 gas burners, tight model with forced aspiration, equipped with control and safety instruments for correct operation, furnace power 30,000 kcal/h, made up of: multi-gas steel torch with stabilized flame, ionization flame control (type-tested), on-off solenoid valves (type-tested), electronic lighting (without pilot), gas filter and pressure stabilization (stabilizer).
  • 4 radiating exchangers made of stainless steel tube shaped to create a large radiating surface.
  • Side doors for internal inspection.
  • Combusted gas exhauster, resistant to high temperatures including air vacuum switch for burner starting consent.
  • Air-combusted gas mixer, to reduce the exhaust temperature.
  • 2 hot air stirring fans
  • Main electric switchboard equipped with:
    • main switch
    • fan switch
    • burner switch
    • luminous LED electronic thermostat
    • display indicators
    • thermal cutouts


-Technical data
8000 mm
-working length
6000 mm
-total width
1320 mm
-working width
800 mm
1500 mm
3250 Kg
-installed electric power
6.52 Kw
-max temperature
400° C
-time in oven from
da 3 a 15 min


Overall working power: 120,000 kcal/h
Thermoregulation is controlled by instruments that modulate the capacity of the burners, so that a particularly constant temperature can be obtained during the whole production process.
The oven is equipped with a control panel that allows quick and easy adjustment of the operating parameters.
The final output of the product varies according to the product and thickness of the slices to be cooked.