Chambre International Srl and BlockfooD International Srl begin to collaborate commercially. Join their commercial forces to tackle the Agro-food market and in the field of Renewable Energies.
Chambre International Srl has conferred to BlockfooD International Srl mandate for technical cooperation in the search for a partner who is able to do by General Contract for the construction in Paraguay an important oil mill.
BlockfooD International Srl and became part of the Consorzio Forniture Energetiche CFE of Bassano Del Grappa (VI).The Consortium CFE has as object the study, the identification, development, implementation and coordination of activities of purchase of bio
The companies, ATLANTIC MAN Srl of Castelnovo di Sotto (RE), SCARABELLI EXPORT Srl of Granarolo dell’Emilia, SANROMANO Srl of Reggio Emilia, G.B. Automazioni of Calestano (PR) , BlockfooD International Srl of Colorno (PR) and three other companies, consti
BlockfooD International as a member of the consortium COUNTRY SHARING, participating to the important Workshop "PRIMAVERA NEL MED-GOLFO" La finanza islamica e la crecita. Centro Svizzero Via Palestro 2 Milano